What is Win2888 Affiliate Code? Affiliate Code or Agent Code is the 6-characters code that is requires when registering Win2888 account. If you enter the AF4222 affiliate code, you’ll gain a lot of benefits such as great promotions for cars, Iphone 7 exchange,… and better online customer services.

Register Win2888 Account For Great Promotions:

Follow the provided link below to sign up your account at Win2888’s homepage:


Also if you find any difficulty registering Win2888 account you can take a look at this sample form:

What Is Win2888 Affiliate Code?

Win2888 gives each country an affiliate code or a dealer code for players to register their own accounts. This code supports the security of user information, as well as the better online customer services.

So which Affiliate Code should I enter? AF4222 is the best answer for you! All you personal information will be absolutely protected when using the AF4222 agent code. As we use the one-way encryption, the 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects all information transmitted over the Internet.

What Are The Benefits From Using The Affiliate Code AF422?

When registering Win2888 account entering the AF4222 code, you will have the chance to receive the full package promotions such as:

  • 1000$ – 5000$ per month is the average income of an registered account at the AF4222 agent code.
  • When playing at Win2888 with code AF4222, you can accumulate points and redeem many great promotion gifts such as SH 150i, to Iphone 8, Laptop, Diamond rings,…
  • Your information will be 24/7 protected.

Should You Play Win2888?

The answer is YES, here are some reasons why you should consider register Win2888 account to experience such high quality services of Online Casino:

• Win2888 has good reputation all around Southeast Asia, ensuring the financial viability of the winning player.
• Win2888 is built with a secure firewall system that secures information of the players.
• Quick deposit and payment to bring convenience to players.
• Online Support 24/7.


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