How to access blocked Win2888 link? Win2888 ( or is a very large online gambling website in Southeast Asia, created by Shanghai Casino & Resort, which is a very famous gambling company in Cambodia. Win2888 offers high quality of services for betting, online casino, and Lotto

Since the laws of many countries prohibit the access to the link to Win2888, this article will help you how to access the blocked site.

Register Win2888 Account For Great Promotions:

Follow the provided link below to sign up your account at Win2888‘s homepage:


Also if you find any difficulty registering Win2888 account you can take a look at this sample form:

Why Is Blocked In Some Countries?

Many countries around the world prohibit online gambling such as Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom,… residents of these countries and their territories shall not be allowed to partake in betting and/or gambling activities.

Access to might be blocked by the laws of these said countries. Another reason could be caused by the huge amount of traffic come from all players around the world. So rarely at some points of the day, players might not be able to access the gambling website. And thus this lead to the conclusion is blocked

In order to solve the network congestion as well as blocked traffic, Win2888 has upgraded the server system to a higher level to avoid these “unfortunate incidents”.

How To Access Blocked Win2888 Link?

The number of members playing at Win2888 is growing rapidly each day. Therefore, to ensure the quality of service, Win2888 has continuously improved the system. At the same time they provide 3 more official links, so that players can log into their accounts much more conveniently:

This is the most well-known Win2888 link:

Link To Win2888 Homepage 1

Many players also use this link to sign up and log into their accounts:

Link To Win2888 Homepage 2

This is the third official homepage link to Win2888:

Link To Win2888 Homepage 3

Still Can’t Access

If you have tried all the 3 provided links above and still can’t access Win2888 homepage link. Then you should try these solutions:

  • To play Win2888 Mobile App, download Puffin to gain access to
  • Download the latest fake ip Hotspot Shield or Kproxy software for easy access to (especially for Taiwanese players who can’t access to Win2888).

Can’t Sign In

If you have access one of the 3 provided links and can’t log in

  • If you have access the links and entered your account name and password but still can not sign in, then your account might experience some problems. In this case you should contact Win2888 hotline numbers for the best solutions.

  • Hit wrong password more than 3 times or forget password. In this case you can re-register Win2888 account or call the Win2888 Hotline
  • Account is disabled, if you have registered your account but haven’t log in for over 3 months, the administrator will disable your account, until you make a contact for confirmation and re-open the said account.


  • (VN) +84 12 3333 2888 / +84 16 7979 2888 / +84 16 7978 2888 / +84 12 8838 2888
  • (KH) +855 88 766 2888 / +855 87 66 2888 / +855 77 66 2888 / +855 87 67 2888
  • (TH) +66 92 27 26 288




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