What are the Win2888 Promotions? Register and Bet now to win great prizes that you can’t ignore! If you’re looking for a gambling website with high quality of online casino services then Win2888 is the most ideal choice for you! 

Register Win2888 Account To Redeem Your Promotions:

Follow the provided link below to sign up your account at Win2888’s homepage:


Also if you find any difficulty registering Win2888 account you can take a look at this sample form:

About Win2888:

Founded in 2008, Win2888 has expanded its development in Vietnam by 2013. With a total investment of $4 billion, Win2888 now dominates the online betting market.

Win2888 is one of the leading betting companies in Southeast Asia. Headquarter of Win2888 is Shanghai Resort & Casino located at My Quy Tay border gate – Duc Hue – Long An, near the Cambodian – Vietnam border.

Not only is Win2888 a popular casino, but also a luxury resort with a total area of ​​over 100 hectares. Always ready to welcome guests from far away with the need to stay in residence, the house will ensure a unique experience at this luxurious royal property!

Unlike many casinos in Cambodia. Ever since its inception, Win2888 has been recognized internationally. Legitimate licensing, accompanied by the protection of the royal government of Cambodia. Win2888 always monitor and manage the system regularly 24/7. Ensure fairness and service always meet customer needs.

Supported languages: Chinese, English, Thai, Vietnamese …

The Great Benefits From The Win2888 Promotion:

The nature of gambling is high-risk, high-reward, and to make the experience much worthy as well as motivating the players to enjoy the games that bring about the great values, Win2888 has introduced many promotions for players.

When you play bet in any games at Win2888, the player can accumulate points based on the betting you choose, whether winning or losing you can still achieve points. And when the points have reached a certain amount corresponding to the rewards you can redeem your prizes.

The Win2888 promotions are:

  • Samsung phone, iphone 7, 7s, 7plus, iphone X, ipad tablet.
  • Diamond ring, gold ring
  • SH 125i, 150i, honda lead, Honda AB, Honda MXS, … and many more.
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