Account Registration Win2888 And Receive Terrific Coupon

Win2888 or Win 2888 is one of the most famous Online Casino in Asia with varied games like Keno, Lotto, Sicbo, Baccarat, Poker, Slot Game, Football Betting Odds,… Once you’ve registered we guaranteed you’ll find lots of benefits and make lots of money here in Win2888.

In Cambodian market, Win2888 attracts a large number of players for its prestige as well as many promotions plus bonus points for redeeming and attractive money for participating players. So the registration of Win2888 account integrated promotions is very easy but also extremely important.


What Is The Affiliate Code?
Win2888’s Affiliate Code or Win2888’s Agent Code is AF4222 – You should use this dealer code to participate in the program for redeem points, draw lottery and win many valuable gifts such as Scooter SH 150i, Vespa LX 150i, iPhone X, 9999 gold, Diamond Rings, Coupons…

The player loses nothing when signing up with the AF4222 Affiliate Code and this is the default code when registering a website – only benefit, not harm. To join please sign up with the standard link that we have provided. And if the Affiliate Code field is blank, you should enter AF4222, because not only the large benefits you’ll gain from registering with our Agent Code but also the security is also automatically provided

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You Can Log In Your Account at or 
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If you have already registered but haven’t logged in for a while and forget the password. You can re-register your account to receive promotion at our Website (Note: The phone number used for the old account will be duplicated, so please use the new phone number)

Alternatively, you can contact Win2888 Hotline at +84 12 3333 2888 / +84 16 7979 2888 / +84 16 7978 2888 / +84 12 8838 2888 for password assistance.



Step 1: Just click on the link to register your Win2888 account under the link below:


Step 2: Important Step, Fill the blank fields with your information into the registration form

♠ Name: Please fill in your full name and be noted to have the same name as your bank account. This will make it easier to recharge and withdraw money later.

♠ Date of birth: Choose your correct date, month, and year of birth. 

♠ Account: You can choose your own ID or a login name yourself. Note that your username / ID must not match with your existing username / ID, or other members. After filling out the username, press the “Check” button to check the duplication.

♠ Password: Enter a sequence of numbers, or digits as the password includes 8 characters. Remember to keep your password carefully without letting anyone knows. 

♠ Confirm Password: Retype the Password you’ve entered

♠ Phone/Số Điện Thoại: Phone numbers are very important, please fill in correctly, because phone numbers are information to deal with if your account has security issues. After entering your phone number, click Send Verify Code​  to receive the Verify Code from Win2888. Please check your SMS after this.

♠ Verify Code: This code has 4 numbers, after checking your SMS, please enter those 4 numbers into the blank field. For example: if the message you receive is “WIN 3976 Member Register Verification Code”. 3976 is the Verify Code you’ll need to enter.

♠ Affiliate Code:  The agent code you need to enter is AF4222. This is the total dealer code, where you can earn points, redeem at Win2888 later on.

It is important that you enter the correct agent code AF4222 to receive the extremely extreme! Hesitant anymore, quickly register Win2888 right now and make lots of money!

After you complete the information, just click “Submit” that you have completed all the registration procedures. What you need to do is go to the homepage and log in Win2888 to play now!

Login Your Win2888 Account Here


  • Before making the registration procedure you need to select the correct registration link of Win2888. As there are now many virtual sites, phishing is based on the reputation of Win2888 that takes money as well as player information.
  • Error not sending Verify Code code for messages to some clients that have been fixed by Win2888. So do not worry if you have any problems registering Win2888. If you still have not received the Verify Code, please wait 2 minutes then click send again.
  • You must enter your full name, date of birth and phone number when creating your account. If you later forget your password, Win2888 will rely on this information to retrieve your password.
  • The Affiliate Code of Win2888 is AF4222. This is the code used to manage the customer and for players to participate in the award and promotional packages from Win2888.


After successfully creating the account follow the steps above, log in your account at homepage. At the main page, you can switch to your native languages and on the “PROMOTION” section between the “STATEMENT” and “PASSWORD”. At this point the promotion will appear as shown below.

– On the right are attractive gifts that you can join the bet to receive. You must accumulate enough points under these gifts to redeem them. If you do not receive the item, Win2888 will deduct the actual value of the gift and add it to your Win2888 account. You can use this balance to continue playing games or withdraw money to your bank account.
On the left side there is a POINT to record the information of the existing bonus points, you can click on Details to see details of how you are rewarded, at what game.
– Below is the information section, you can look up Diary of redemption, Address Book as well as Reward Principle
– Point Rule is a list of rules that are added to the Win2888 bonus.